5 Essential Skills You Need for Momentum

“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.” – Henry Ford

Without core planning techniques, uncaptured ideas can leech your cognitive energy, until all your ideas, projects, and goals revolt. The good news is Momentum gets those ideas and projects under control.

You, or any entrepreneur or creative, can put the 5 essential skills for Momentum into practice to start doing your best work.

Five principles it helps for anyone to start out with:

  1. Visualize
  2. Set Clear Goals
  3. Prioritize
  4. Chunk Goals Down to Size
  5. Sequence

Ready to get started?

How to Apply These 5 Skills with Momentum

You can use any number of tools to get projects done. But you’ll always use the five skills outlined here. You'll also automatically get better at these skills by using Momentum.

The Momentum app will encourage you to practice the skills due to the way it’s set up. 

As an example, people start out wanting to put ALL their projects on their Weekly planner. But that isn’t its purpose. 

Momentum’s Weekly planner is designed to help people prioritize and sequence projects so that they can account for week-sized and bigger-sized projects. 

When they look at the list, they should see a picture of what they need to do in a given week to complete weekly items and to move forward with their bigger projects.

But when people stick with Momentum Planning, they begin to see they’ve been radically overestimating what they can do in any given slice of time. 

You simply can’t do eight hours of high-value work while you’re in must-have meetings for four hours. Even without those meetings, you can really only do two or three chunks per day anyway. That awareness is a good thing. 

But people start to notice something else, too. They’re getting more done in less time and feeling less pressured, to boot. I wish we could take all the credit for this, but we can’t.

The credit goes to Momentum and Momentum Planning. The Momentum Planning Method helps people learn to practice visualization, articulation, prioritization, chunking, and sequencing. 

  1. The app acts like training wheels or power suits, channeling people’s time, energy, and attention toward the things that matter.Which of the five skills come easiest for you?
  2. Which of them are the most challenging?
  3. How do the tools you’re currently using help you practice and apply the five skills?
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