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“It makes my calendar cleaner. I can put in task and see when I have too much in one day. I love the email of things I finished.”
- Cindy Merrill

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  • A unique planner with Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly views — easily zoom in and out to keep goals big and small in mind
  • Printable planner pages — because apps are awesome, but paper is plan-tastic too!
  • Thoughtful constraints to help you avoid taking on too much — We call it the Five Projects Rule
  • The option to tie tasks to their associated larger projects — so you can always see what you’re working toward
  • A weekly email rundown of your finished tasks — because celebrating your accomplishments is key to staying motivated
  • Your choice of three color and style themes (with more on the way) — for useful color-coding without distraction
  • Custom start days for your weeks and start times for your days — because your life happens on your schedule, not some random planner’s
  • The ability to set priority projects for your year, quarter, month, week, and day — Momentum is the only productivity app that helps you keep your big goals in mind while you complete the smaller ones
Start Your Free 30-Day Trial Today!

“I’m far more cognizant of availability for my actual work and making smarter choices about choosing how much to try to work on. I like the [email] recap, too! I never celebrate the things I’ve completed, and that’s such a great reminder to take a moment to congratulate myself about all I accomplished”
- Krys Slovacek

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