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Subscriptions give you the latest version of the app, enabling every feature on every platform —with a lower cost up front and predictable spending in the future.

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Both Subscriptions Include All These Features

  • All of your work and personal tasks, schedules, and goals in one place
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly planner views
  • Quarterly project container
  • Easily zoom out to weekly or monthly for context, down to daily for details
  • Print any of your time views because paper is awesome
  • Helpful constraints that remind you not to take on too much (the Five Projects Rule)
  • Connect all of your tasks to their associated larger projects
  • Archive (and un-archive) projects and all of their parts
  • Defer projects to the next time horizon (daily to next day, weekly to next week, monthly to next month, etc.) and all of its parts go with it
  • A weekly email rundown of your finished tasks so we can celebrate together
  • Choice of three color and styling themes with more on the way
  • Pick the start day for your week and the start time for your day
  • 12- or 24-hour time settings
  • Mark a project as the priority for your quarter/month/week/day
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What People Are Saying About Momentum

“I’m far more cognizant of availability for my actual work and making smarter choices about choosing how much to try to work on. I like the [email] recap, too! I never celebrate the things I’ve completed, and that’s such a great reminder to take a moment to congratulate myself about all I accomplished”
- Krys Slovacek

“It makes my calendar cleaner. I can put in task and see when I have too much in one day. I love the email of things I finished.”
- Cindy Merrill

Plans & Billing FAQs

Cancellations. You may cancel your Momentum subscription in the app by going to Settings > Profile > Billing Portal and clicking the "Cancel Plan" button. Your paid plan will end on the date of your next billing cycle (i.e., the month or year anniversary of whenever you first paid for your subscription's start). We do not offer refunds for partial use. If you have any difficulties, please email us at and we'll look into any troubles you've experienced.