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“I’m far more cognizant of availability for my actual work and making smarter choices about choosing how much to try to work on. I like the [email] recap, too! I never celebrate the things I’ve completed, and that’s such a great reminder to take a moment to congratulate myself about all I accomplished”
Krys Slovacek
"Momentum is built in a way that provides as much clarity (in time, task, and priority) as it does scheduling. No other planner, digital or physical, makes it so fast and easy to set goals and break them down into realistic timelines and actionable next steps."
James Michael Taylor
"Love Momentum – been using it since the beta. It keeps me on track with what I already promised myself I would be doing, instead of the thing my brain thinks I *should* be doing right in the moment. It helps me plan out quarterly projects and then break those down into monthly projects and in turn break those down into things I'm going to get done during the week, which is my planning comfort zone."
Kristin Tweedale

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