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Includes these features

  • All of your work and personal tasks, schedules, and goals in one place
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly planner views
  • Quarterly project container
  • Easily zoom out to weekly or monthly for context, down to daily for details
  • Print any of your time views because paper is awesome
  • Helpful constraints that remind you not to take on too much (the Five Projects Rule)
  • Connect all of your tasks to their associated larger projects
  • Archive (and un-archive) projects and all of their parts
  • Defer projects to the next time horizon (daily to next day, weekly to next week, monthly to next month, etc.) and all of its parts go with it
  • A weekly email rundown of your finished tasks so we can celebrate together
  • Choice of three color and styling themes with more on the way
  • Pick the start day for your week and the start time for your day
  • 12- or 24-hour time settings
  • Mark a project as the priority for your quarter/month/week/day

What People Are Saying About Momentum

“I’m far more cognizant of availability for my actual work and making smarter choices about choosing how much to try to work on. I like the [email] recap, too! I never celebrate the things I’ve completed, and that’s such a great reminder to take a moment to congratulate myself about all I accomplished” - Krys Slovacek

“It makes my calendar cleaner. I can put in task and see when I have too much in one day. I love the email of things I finished.” - Cindy Merrill