5 Essential Momentum Skills: #4 Chunk Goals Down to Size  

We’ve gone over how you can better visualize, as well as articulating goals and prioritizing. Now we’re going to give you some more context for chunking projects down, and sequencing them.

Skill #4: Chunk

When we left off on prioritizing, we were talking about the project cagematch. That refers, roughly, to testing projects against each other to decide which are most vital. 

If you’ve completed your project cage match, you’ll definitely want to chunk the ones still standing. Here’s why: Chunking is the mental skill of altering a project’s size.

Most of us need help with the first part of chunking, getting a project down to its doable parts. We can get the little projects done, no problem. It’s the too-big-to-do projects that remain undone, which is unfortunate. These projects tend to matter to us more than the smaller, clearer ones.

Here are a few tips to chunk your mammoth projects into their doable action items:

  1. Think about WHAT, not WHEN. At this stage in the game, think about the WHAT aspects of the project. Set the WHEN aside. Now, put the WHAT pieces of the puzzle on the table. DON’T try to put the pieces together yet.
  2. Start each chunk with a verb. Next, give each WHAT a chunk. I recommend starting specific chunks with a verb because the action reminds you of the steps needed to move each piece of the project forward.
  3. Use the Two-Hour Rule. Many people wonder how far to chunk projects down. The Two-Hour Rule comes in handy because we generally know how much we can get done in two, focused hours. Using it lets us create standard units of creative time for our projects.

Getting even more specific, take a look at your action lists for the week. What ideas or projects would benefit from being chunked down into two-hour blocks?

Where will you find or make those two hours to work on that chunk of the project?

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