5 Essential Skills for Momentum: #5 Sequence

Here’s the final most essential skill. Sequencing is how you put the puzzle pieces together. 

That’s to say sequencing is the skill you need for putting project chunks into a logical order — the order that will best work for you to get them done, with the available time, energy and attention you have. 

Some projects are harder to find an order for than others. We don’t know how to account for them because we haven’t done anything like them before. Others are simpler because you can see what specific actions needed to reach the end outcome, and how it all fits into the big picture.

Sequencing, or finding the right order to do your projects and your project chunks in, is mostly straightforward. When you set up your project chunks in your Momentum planner, you’ll see how it fits, and the app will nudge you if you’ve got too much going on. 

Here are some things to avoid when scheduling and sequencing your projects: 

  1. Asking for help too late in the process. If you need collaboration or counsel on a project, ask for it early. People want to help you, but they most likely can’t work on your schedule. Ask for their support early on in the process. If you don’t need their help right then and there, tell them when you will. They can then create a block of time for you.
  2. Defining success and failure midway through a project. You should define success and failure at the outset of a project. That way you know how your project is doing as you complete steps. Looking at success and failure at the beginning of a project also helps you identify what will drag you down and what will lift you up.

Those two things aside, the rest of the sequence is up to you. Look at your goals, priorities, and chunks. Now, sequence.

Momentum Team

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