Meet Momentum

The planner that puts your goals, projects, and schedules all in one place
Link your projects across time horizons and see how the actions you’re taking today connect with your goals for the future. Momentum visually (and literally) connects your daily projects to your weekly goals, your week to the month…. You get the picture.
image of Momentum app  with arrows pointing to how to navigate across time horizons
image of Momentum app showing how completed tasks are checked off and stay present in your planner
Other apps make your completed tasks disappear but Momentum keeps them, so you can see what you’ve done. And at the end of every week get a report of what you’ve accomplished to help you stay motivated and in motion.
“The Momentum app has enabled me to break down several complex, long term projects with diverse needs into manageable chunks and goals. The ability to navigate between annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals and tasks helps me stay on track and make progress without feeling overwhelmed. The integration with Google Calendar has made it very easy to manage my project planning around my daily work schedule and demands.”
Heidi Romero
Easily move your projects when plans change (as they tend to do.) 

Project bumped to next quarter? Defer it in two simple clicks. 

Project put on hold? Move it to the archive and come back to it when things start moving again. 

Don’t worry about losing any of your linked tasks. Momentum will move everything together in one go.
image of Momentum app with arrow pointing to where you can select to defer your project to future date
Dashboard mockup
image of Momentum app showing how you can drag and drop projects in your planner
Easily move tasks and project chunks when you need to reschedule or rearrange chunks of your project.
“This isn't just a cookie-cutter app that provides a slightly different user interface to essentially the same feature set. Momentum keeps you away from the mindless management of one urgent or poorly planned task after another that can become common when things are intense. Its structure forces you to carefully consider how much you can do - and what the costs are of adding "just one more thing" into an already crammed day.”
Eric Grey

More Momentum Features

Planner & dashboard views

Go from planning to doing in one simple click with dedicated spaces for what you need to do and when you’ll do it.

Two-way calendar sync

Create an event in Momentum and it will automatically show up on your calendar. And vice versa.
This feature is currently only available for Google Calendar.

Printable planner pages

With Momentum you don’t have to choose between digital and paper — you can be both! Keep your plan with you online or off.

Customizable experience

Choose between three different color and style themes to match your planning vibe: Calm, Sparkly, or Corporate Blue.
It makes my calendar cleaner. I can put in my tasks and see when I have too much in one day. I love the email of things I finished.
Cindy Merrill

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