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Time Management for Moms

Being a mom is no easy job, because it involves not only caring for your kid(s), but plenty of other responsibilities as well. 

Moms do all sorts of things, including but not limited to: creating a learning environment at home, making sure their children have access to healthy meals, and finding quality time and remaining reservoirs of energy for those kiddos. 

Google “time management for moms,” and you’ll see advice like “Be organized!”, “Have a routine,” “Eat well,” “Plan your day.” Thanks, but, uh, you’ll forgive us if we think that’s stating the obvious. 

As mothers, we know what we need to do. It’s obvious that being organized is a good general aim. But do we get there? 🤔

In this post, we’ll share some great ways Momentum can be a mom’s best friend. It’s an app built for the more practical issue of how to get and stay organized, helping users maximize their time, so folks like moms can really focus on what matters most.

Create a routine with Momentum 

The best way to get yourself out of the overwhelm of living all the time in the day-to-day (or moment to moment) — reactively — is to create a consistent routine

Momentum makes it easy and intuitive to develop a daily routine, and stick to it. 

The process of creating a routine is a lot about chunking and sequencing the projects you already have. That means taking big overwhelming goals and breaking them into bite-sized pieces that can also fit into your life, alongside being a mom. 

Sequencing is about building your personal routine to reflect a logical order of the projects you have before you. When you set up this sequence in your Momentum planner, you’ll see how it fits, and the app will nudge you if you’ve got too much going on. 

Plan meals with Momentum 🍲🥗🥘

It’s super easy to make one of your projects for the week “Daily food prep + meals” or “Keep the fam fed 🍲” and then create a project chunk per day on how you plan to execute. 

It’ll help you keep a bird’s eye view on nutrition day in and day out — plus stay realistic about what cooking projects are possible on any given day of the week. 

Here’s an example of how a weekly meal plan built out in Momentum might look: 

Delegate with the Momentum App 

If you’re struggling to manage everything that comes with normal life, and work, AND parenthood, most will advise you to learn to delegate. Delegation is about giving a task to another person to carry out that given activity — rather than taking on everything yourself. 

Good in theory! (Especially for parents who tend to take too much on their shoulders.) But if you haven’t planned adequately, it can be difficult to assess what exactly needs delegating. 

If you’ve set up your goals, schedule and recurring events in Momentum, then you know what’s on deck in a given week or month, and will have time in advance to ask friends or relatives to help out (If housecleaning is on the docket, you might even enlist your kids 👶😉).

Stick to your boundaries in order to practice self-care 

We hear all the time about how we ought to hold our boundaries, and practice self-care. 

But if you don’t incorporate self-care directly into your schedule, it tends to fall by the wayside, and get replaced with other emerging priorities

That means setting out time blocks for self-care, or as we call it, recovery

Structuring your time with Momentum, and these tips, will help you push back on that uncomfortable feeling that you’re always coming up short, no matter how much you do. 

Most of the time we already have what we need in order to move forward on what matters to us. The key is laying it all out in front of us, to be able to see what actions need taking more clearly. 

You can teach your kids to help you around the house. You can do your taxes. You can build your own business or career, while being a mom. 

We no longer live in a world where moms should have to constantly sacrifice their dreams, and where being a mother means having to be a martyr. 

By taking advantage of the tools like Momentum, you can win back some of that most precious resource — time, and see what’s possible when you use the time you have available to you. 

Mary Clare O'Donnell

Writer & Content Creator at Productive Flourishing and Momentum. She's passionate about our climate, nature, foreign languages, and discovering uncharted places.