How to Prioritize Your Projects

We all have that one priority project that we don’t want to lose sight of. It might be that presentation that needs to get finished by next Thursday. Or hiring a new Marketing Assistant for your product launch. Or writing the next chapter of your book. Or maybe it’s spending time with the kids before they grow up too fast.

Whatever your projects, you get to decide which are priority. Whether it’s a project for this week, this month or this year, you’ll want to separate it from everything else you have going on.

You make the rules around your priorities. Momentum makes it easy to keep those priorities not just top of mind, but at the top of your project list.

If you want to remind yourself of your priority in the app, it’s a super simple process. Head first to the Planning View (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly) that fits the project timeframe. 

Let’s take hiring a new Marketing Assistant as an example. 

That’s a project that’s probably on your Monthly Planner. A week-sized chunk might be “Interview Candidates.” And on Tuesday, maybe it’s “Interview Skyler.” 

We’ll walk you through the process using the Weekly Planner but no matter the time horizon, the steps for prioritizing your project in Momentum are the same. 

  1. On your Weekly Planner go to “This Week’s Projects,” and find the project you want to mark as priority — in this case “Interview Candidates”
  2. Find the “...” to the right of your project’s title/ description.
  3. Click that “...” and select “Prioritize” from the drop down list. 

When you’ve hit “Prioritize” that project will move to the top of the list, with a star. ⭐️ 

There you have it! Prioritizing your projects within Momentum is easy as pie.🥧Now figuring out what projects get priority…. that might take a little more time.

Momentum Team

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