Momentum Is Out of Beta

Over a decade ago, I started sharing planners, worksheets, and other aids on Productive Flourishing to help people get their goals, schedules, and projects in one place. So much of what was available at the time didn’t work for those of us who have too many ideas and not enough time to do them all.

People came for the planners and worksheets, but stayed because the aids actually helped them finish their most important work, find the balance between ambitious and realistic goals, and have less creative chaos in their lives.

What separates our planners, worksheets, and aids from a lot on the market is that they’re all built from unified, field-tested principles and methodologies. Some parts of the methodology became the Momentum Planning Method and the planners became the Momentum Planner that existed in both digital and physical formats.

The biggest request we had from customers of the far more popular digital Momentum Planner was to create an app rather than keep the PDF technology we’d pushed as far as it could go. The traction Start Finishing got accelerated those requests even more. (You’d think a million+ downloads of the planners would’ve told me that, but I can be thick-headed.)

Over the last few quarters, we’ve been developing Momentum to take the Momentum Planning Method to the next level. Our first major product milestone was to get Momentum to incorporate the intended functionality of the Momentum Planner.

With Momentum, you can now:

  • plan your projects from the quarter down or the day up, linking all projects so that it’s clear what goes with what. (Annual planning views are on the way.)
  • easily defer projects and their related parts in two clicks.
  • archive projects you no longer want on your deck.
  • easily prioritize projects and chunks of work, as well as dragging and dropping them across the day or week in whatever flow works for you.
  • use it seamlessly across your computer, tablets, and phones.

All without having to download and keep an app updated. If you have a browser, you have Momentum.

Google calendar syncing is in the works as part of our next major release, and after that, we’re working on making it easy to share your plan with other people who may want to see it. Endstate, Momentum will integrate a lot of the tools that we never could incorporate into a unified system because of the limits of PDFs.

We’ve gotten great feedback from our 500+ beta customers that Momentum is helping them do more of the work that matters. Momentum will never be done done, but now’s a great time to give it a whirl with a free 30-day trial.

Interested? Click here to start your free 30-day trial.

Charlie Gilkey

Charlie is the co-founder of Momentum and the award-winning author of Start Finishing