Momentum App Hits 500 Beta Users

Momentum App Hits 500 Beta User Mark

Today, we crossed the 500 customer mark, a significant milestone for a new product. Even better, we're still in beta!

We decided to invite our Kickstarter backers in earlier than intended and, rather than stop taking on new customers for the beta as we had originally planned, we changed course to let people continue to join us early. This decision was largely based on the early feedback that Momentum is already making a difference in people’s ability to focus on what matters.

Here’s a few customers’ words about Momentum:

I’m far more cognizant of my availability for my actual work. I’m making smarter choices as to what and how much I try to work on. -Krys Slovacek

[I love] the positive psychological benefit of checking a box when a piece of work is done! - Glen Schild

Momentum App makes my calendar cleaner. I can put in a task and see when I have too much scheduled in one day. I love the email of things I finished! -Cindy Merrill

I love the recap email! I never celebrate the things I’ve completed, and that’s such a great reminder to take a moment to congratulate myself on what I’ve accomplished. -Krys Slovacek

I’m so impressed with the Start Finishing process. I’m stoked to finally get Charlie’s process online. -John P. Mason

We’re excited to see how the new features on the beta roadmap help people finish even more of the work that matters. The monthly view is coming soon.

If you’d like to join us during our beta period, click here to create your Momentum account today.

Charlie Gilkey

Charlie is the co-founder of Momentum and the award-winning author of Start Finishing