Introducing the Yearly Planner View

Similar to the Quarterly Planner, and unlike the Monthly/Weekly/Daily planners, the Yearly Planner is more for looking creatively and strategically at a full 12-month period, and creating a compelling vision for what your year will look and feel like. 

Where you begin with this Planner often depends on what is most likely to motivate you: a specific set of goals you want to accomplish, an overarching focus or theme that inspires you, or a set of values that will guide your behavior. When in doubt, begin with This Year’s Projects.

Here’s what the Yearly Planner looks like on desktop. Scroll down for more detail on each of the sections.

Like all planners in Momentum, the Yearly Planner is broken up into a Planner area (on the left) and Dashboard view (on the right).  

The Planner Area

Helps you keep sight of your commitments (i.e., projects) and your constraints (i.e., major events).

​🎊​This Year’s Projects The top three to five large-scale things you want to achieve in the next 12 months. It’s better to select fewer of these to begin with (two or three), because as the year goes on… well, things have a way of coming up. 

🤝Values, Themes, or Challenges This section can be used in many different and exciting ways, depending on who you are. The important thing is that it has power and meaning for you. Use it to note: 

  • The specific values you want to embody in the year (personal truth, integrity, love, bravery, discipline), 
  • A set of themes that provide you inspiration and direction throughout the year. This might be a set of words like movement, mastery, and mindfulness. Or phrases like “Have the difficult conversations” or “Do my best every day” or “Bias toward action.” 
  • A set of challenges you’re facing that might affect your yearly plan (debt, health challenges, relocation, world travel, getting married). Note that challenges aren’t always negative; they’re just things that might roadblock or limit your ability to accomplish your This Year’s Goals. 

📆 Major Events If any of the challenges you listed are time-bound, enter them in the 'Major Events' section along with the month when they’ll occur.

That means when you get to quarterly and monthly planning, you’ll know to adjust plans to account for events that will use your TEA (time, energy, and attention). Other scheduled things that impact a month — like a sabbatical, or year-end holidays — go here as well. 

🗓 Yearly Dashboard Use the 'Yearly Dashboard' section to keep track of how you expect the year to play out, quarter by quarter.

Use the 🎯Focus section at the top to note any word or phrase that will provide you inspiration and direction throughout the year. Look back over your 🤝Values, Themes, or Challenges to see if anything pops out at you.

As you complete your Quarterly Planners, these projects will auto-populate in this section. 

One other thing to remember when planning the quarters: things come up, and plans will need to change. Keep the later quarters of the year more open and fluid.

That will leave you room to adjust when new priorities, goals, or challenges arise! 

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