Introducing the Weekly Planner View

We consider the Weekly Planner our “Goldilocks view” — it gives you just enough of a horizon to plan against, and it’s just small enough to be manageable, allowing you to take action on your projects. 

Weekly planning is a great place to start your Momentum experience because most of us can project about a week ahead in our lives. 😀 

Here’s what the Weekly Planner looks like on desktop. Scroll down for more detail on each of the sections.

Like all planners in Momentum, the Weekly Planner is broken up into a Planner area (on the left) and Dashboard view (on the right).  

The Planner Area

Helps you keep sight of your commitments (i.e., projects) and your constraints (i.e., scheduled events).

This Month’s Projects

These are the three to five month-sized projects you entered in your Monthly Planner. Use these as a reminder of the bigger goals your weekly projects will move forward. 

The number in parentheses indicates the number of projects you’ve committed to for the month. Remember the Five Projects Rule.

Updates to this section can be made by clicking on the “Go to This Month’s Planner” link.

📝 This Week’s Projects

Here’s where you’ll list your projects or priorities for the week. These may be smaller chunks of This Month’s Projects, or they may be unique, smaller-scale projects you need to accomplish this week. 

📅 Scheduled Events

We recommend you start your Weekly Planner by entering your Scheduled Events first, so you can get a better sense of where you do (or don’t) have time in your week to move your projects forward. 

List this week’s time-bound events (meetings, calls, kid pickup, etc.) along with the corresponding day and time they’ll occur. They’ll automatically show up on your Daily Planner for that day.

The Dashboard Area

An at-a-glance view of what you’ve planned to do for the week.

🥅 Weekly Dashboard

This is where you’ll chunk your week-sized project into day-sized chunks to move them to done. These might include scheduled events, focus blocks for project work, or other significant tasks that will take a day or part of a day to accomplish. 

Use the 🎯 Focus section at the top to list a particular theme or area of focus for the week. It doesn’t need to be complicated; just a word or two, or a short phrase, will do. Use it to remind yourself of:

  • a priority project you want to keep top of mind 
  • the habit you want to practice 
  • the feeling or vibe you’re going for this week 😎
  • a special event you don’t want to lose sight of

Remember to check your 📅Scheduled Events when adding your project chunks. If your Monday is full of meetings, don’t be tempted to try to squeeze in a focus block. Pay attention to your deadlines and make sure you add those tasks/projects that must cross a finish line this week, before adding other tasks that are not as time-sensitive. 

Now that you know your way around the weekly planner it's time to get planning! Check out our post How to Do Your Weekly Planning for a step-by-step walk through of the process.

Momentum Team

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