Introducing the Monthly Planner View

The Monthly Planner helps you get your arms around the monthly level of perspective, where we really see creative momentum start to happen. 

It’s also the level of perspective that many of us haven’t figured out yet. Think about it: you can probably easily plan your day and maybe your week. But the month might get away from you.

Here’s what the Monthly Planner looks like on desktop. Scroll down for more detail on each of the sections.

Like all planners in Momentum, the Monthly Planner is broken up into a Planner area (on the left) and Dashboard view (on the right).

The Planner Area

Helps you keep sight of your commitments (i.e., quarterly and monthly projects).

💼 This Quarter’s Projects

These are the three to five projects for the current quarter you entered in your Quarterly Planner. You’ll use these to guide your actions over the next month. 

Updates to this section can be made by clicking on the “Go to This Quarter’s Planner” link.

🗒This Month’s Projects

Here you’ll list your three to five projects for the month. These may be smaller chunks of this quarter’s projects, or they may be unique projects that you need to accomplish this month.

The Dashboard Area

An at-a-glance view of what you’ve planned to do this month..

🗓Monthly Dashboard

This is where you’ll see how your weeks stack up. If you’ve filled in your Weekly Planners, your weekly projects will automatically populate in this section. Or click on the “Go to Weekly Planner” on any of the weeks to finish filling that in. 

Use the 🗒Notes space to make note of anything you need to keep top of mind during the month. This might be a particular theme, area of focus, or event you simply can’t miss.

Momentum Team

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