Introducing the Daily Planner View

Use the Daily Planner to keep tabs on all the tasks that will move your day forward.

If you already use a task management system you might not need to get down to this level of detail in Momentum and that’s okay. We’ve built the app to work for you — use what works and leave the rest!

Here’s what the Daily Planner looks like on desktop. Scroll down for more detail on each of the sections.

Like all planners in Momentum, the Daily Planner is broken up into a Planner area (on the left) and Dashboard view (on the right).  

The Planner Area

Helps you keep sight of your commitments (i.e., projects) and your constraints (i.e., scheduled events).

📋 Today’s Summary

A reminder of not just what project chunks you have committed to working on today but also what week-sized projects those chunks will move forward. Here you’ll see what projects you’ve entered in your Weekly Planner.

This Week’s Projects: a listing of your projects and priorities for the week.

Today’s Projects: a listing of your project chunks and scheduled events for the day.

For both, the number in parentheses indicates the number of projects you’ve committed to for the week. Remember the Five Projects Rule.

Updates to this section can be made by clicking on the “Go to This Week’s Planner” link.

📌 Today’s Tasks

What small actions will help you move your projects forward? Tasks are chunks of work that can be done in 15 minutes. Look for opportunities to batch similar tasks or stack tasks (walking the dog while talking to your mom) where possible. 

When entering tasks you’ll have a few options:

Supporting Task: a task that supports a project chunk you planned to do today.

Emergent Task: a task that you did not originally plan to do today, which may or may not be related to a project chunk. (If your task popped up unexpectedly, check it off as Emergent.)

(You might have tasks that are both Supporting and Emergent, or neither Supporting nor Emergent.)

Add it to schedule: add a start and end time to your task to move it to your schedule.

The Dashboard Area

An at-a-glance view of what you’ve planned to do for the day.

📅 Today’s Schedule

Events, deadlines, and tasks you’ve added with start and end times will automatically appear here on your schedule.

Use the 🗒Notes space to make note of anything you need to keep top of mind during your day.

Your dashboard will allow you to see where you do (or don’t) have space in your day — adjust accordingly.

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