How to Add Momentum to Your Home Screen on Android

To all our Android users out there: we’ve made it as easy to add Momentum to your home screen.

Here’s how you do it: 

1. Log into the Momentum app from Google Chrome or your Android phone. (This is the same process for both desktop or mobile.) 

2. Find the menu icon in the top right-hand of your browser.

3. Clicking that menu icon brings you to a dropdown menu that includes: “Add to Home screen”. Select that option.

4. You’ll see a prompt to select the name of the Momentum app — then you’ll click “Add.” 

5. There will be a display with a preview of what the Momentum icon looks like. Click “Add to Home Screen.”

That’s it! You’ve just made it even easier to jump into your planning. 

Momentum Team

We're the team behind Momentum. And we're here to help get your most important projects from start to done.