A Quick Overview of Momentum Planning

Imagine waking up each morning and knowing that the small steps laid out in front of you led into a bigger plan that builds the type of meaningful life you want to live. All you have to do is show up, work your list, and follow the prompts.

That’s exactly what Momentum is designed to help you do. 

Productivity isn’t just about crossing as many items as you can off a chronological to-do list. That’s not what moves you closer to your goals. It’s actually about prioritizing, setting realistic goals, and crossing the right things off your list so you can move your best-work forward. And that’s what the Momentum App is going to help you do.

The Momentum Planning Method

Momentum is the new, app version of our popular Momentum Planner, which has been downloaded more than one million times. If you’re familiar with our Momentum Planning method, you know that it helps you: 

  • Gain clarity and avoid overwhelm
  • Stay focused and finish your projects
  • Do more of your best work

Momentum Planning is the continual process of making and adjusting plans across all time perspectives. Each shift in timescale is a shift in perspective. Within the Momentum app you’ll be able to make and see your plans at the monthly, weekly, and daily perspectives. These different views were designed to work in concert and will help you both chunk big projects down into doable blocks and tasks, and clump your smaller chunks into larger, linked units.

Here you can learn more learn more about each individual planning view.

Do What Works for You

We understand that planning is personal and what works for some doesn’t work for others. 

If you’re really good at completing tasks but not great at the higher-level stuff, the app will help you maintain focus on the future that you’re trying to build. Conversely, if you’re really good at the higher-level stuff but have a hard time breaking down those Big Ideas, it will help you think about what it looks like to make those ideas real.

There’s no one right way to use Momentum.

As you use the app you’ll find elements of the system that work for you and some that don’t. This is a good thing — it means you’re learning more about what you need to be your most productive self.

Many people have no idea how they work, so their productivity is largely a crap shoot. Some days they’re good, other days they’re not.

Try all the features and over time once you start seeing trends in your productivity, you can keep doing what works and tweak (or let go of) what doesn’t. We’re each different, though, so your task is to figure out what works for you, not what works for other people. 

If you notice that you’re over-planning, stop. Do as much planning as you need to, and then get down to action.

If you notice that you don’t need to schedule exactly when you’ll be working on something, don’t. Just make sure you give yourself enough time to do it.

Don’t have any deadlines? Don’t worry about that box. Or use it for your own purposes.

What you’ll find in Momentum is a distillation of general principles and observations about how effective creative people work. At the end of the day, do what works for you.

Momentum Team

We're the team behind Momentum. And we're here to help get your most important projects from start to done.