Accomplish the goals that matter most

Consider Momentum your productivity coach that keeps you on pace, accountable, and actually motivated.

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Productivity made easy

Convert all your personal and professional projects into attainable project plans that actually help you accomplish your goals.

See the big picture 

Quickly glance at what needs to get done, see why it matters, and at your preferred perspective. With Momentum you can easily zoom in and out to keep goals big and small in mind.

Stop overcommitting

Plan against your capacity, not hours in the day. Thoughtful constraints help you avoid taking on too much so you can prioritize, focus, and finish what matters most.

Go from plan to action

Stop transferring items onto to-do lists that never get done. Momentum helps you chunk, link, and sequence your projects so you can shift from planning to doing.

Stay calm & carry on

Say goodbye to stressful walls of red and lines of undone tasks. Every aspect of Momentum is designed to keep you calm and focused, not rushed and anxious.
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“This is the approach that works best for a person like me with lots of vision and a shortage of organizational attention. It has turned me from a chaotic sprinter into an endurance planner - the Momentum app is so accessible for me.”
Liana Cassar

Built on a proven system

Based on the signature Momentum Planning Method from Productive Flourishing, helping people set goals, plan effectively, and finish their most important projects for over a decade. Momentum is the next evolution of the popular PDF planning system downloaded more than 1 million times!

We built Momentum to address needs other planner apps don't

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“Being neurodivergent, I rely heavily on my digital tools and tech. Momentum stands out because of their human-oriented approach. Access to goal-setting and project planning via Momentum is a game changer!!”
Christina Salerno 

Frequently Asked Questions

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"Momentum is a must-have for freelancers! I use it to plan all my projects and consistently feel less overwhelmed and more in control of my time."
Erika Steeves

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