Release Notes for Momentum v1.0.5

We have an interim release for you this week.

The primary change you’ll see relates to how drag-and-drop works, which we’ll explain below. In addition, we’ve squashed another couple bugs.

Release Overview

  • Updated Feature: Drag-and-Drop functionality now with “handles”
  • Bug Fixes
  • Spacing fixes on dashboard actionable tiles
  • Actionable checkboxes and menus working properly with the drag-and-drop handles addition

Updated Feature: Drag-and-Drop Handles

We’ve updated the way drag-and-drop functionality works on the actionable tiles (events, projects, chunks, tasks, etc.). Instead of a click or touch anywhere on the tile activating drag-and-drop, we’ve set up a drag-and-drop “handle” on the right edge of the tile. 

Clicking/holding here is the only way to activate the drag-and-drop feature.

On desktop, note how the cursor changes from the pointy finger (for the checkbox or menu dots) to the grasping hand when you hover over the handles. Mobile doesn’t show this change, but the handle setup does allow better manipulation of your actionable tiles.

The primary benefit of this adjustment is: you won’t accidentally drag something when you meant to do something else (access the menu, click the checkbox). This also allows those features to work more smoothly/as intended, without conflicting with the drag-and-drop action.

Bug Fixes

Also in this release we’ve fixed some spacing issues on some of the views. For example, the weekly tiles on the monthly dashboard and the events/project chunk tiles on the weekly dashboard were displaying too long, so the menu buttons were off-screen. This has been corrected on desktop and mobile.

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