Release Notes: Update v1.5.0 👯‍♀️ Duplication🪞

Last week was pretty wild for Momentum… from launching on Product Hunt, and landing in the top 10 products on the first day, to hitting 1,000 users. 🎉

If you thought we would have run out of momentum, think again. 

We’re following it all up to offer our community another update… We’re giving you 👯‍♀️duplication🪞. What does that mean, you ask? 

How does it differ from what’s already on offer? Imagine you have multiple lunch dates in a week, but you don’t want to have to fill each of those lunch dates out, one by one. 

Now all you have to do is fill out one “Lunch” and then you can duplicate that one, and edit the name for whoever you’re having lunch with. 

That’s just one example. 

You see? Way less work!  

And that’s not it. When we’re talking about duplication, there’s a lot included: Tasks, project chunks, deadlines, events, projects, milestones, and benchmarks can all be duplicated. 

Note: If an item has other project chunks, tasks or events linked to it, those will all also get duplicated. But that only goes for the “parent item” – not the other way around. If any project, task or event which is the “child” of a main project gets duplicated, the original stays the same. 

Sound complicated? Don’t worry, it’s not. 

All you really have to know is that your days of having to type in the same thing repeatedly are over. And that’s more than cause to continue celebrating. 🎉

Momentum Team

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