Release Notes for Momentum Update v1.4.1

We’ve just rolled out more updates to make planning in Momentum that much easier. 

  1. Easy access to Today’s planner — the Today button is working once again! 
  1. Enter time in the format that suits you best. 

Use a colon or don’t. Prefer 24-hour format over the 12-hour? Not a problem. Momentum now supports it all! Here are some examples:

  • 9
  • 9a
  • 9am
  • 9 am
  • 9 a
  • 9A
  • 9AM
  • 9 AM
  • 9 A
  • 9:25
  • 09:25
  • 9:25a
  • 9:25 a
  • 9:25am
  • 9:25 am
  • 9:25AM
  • 9:25 AM
  • 925
  • 0925
  1. We’ve fixed the issue that was preventing projects from being linked or unlinked when updating a project chunk, deadline, task, or event

We are working hard to address issues, fix bugs, and make updates to the app that help YOU gain momentum! Please continue to share your feedback and report bugs to — we love hearing from you!

Momentum Team

We're the team behind Momentum. And we're here to help get your most important projects from start to done.