You Can Now Leave To-Do Lists Behind

Momentum is a whole new ball game, when compared to the majority of task list or To-Do List apps out there.

Sure, Momentum is fully capable of capturing those individual tasks you need to get done. But what it does differently is saving your best-work projects — the important-not-always-urgent projects that require planning and scheduling to pull off, and often get forgotten.

Because when we’re project-focused, we get the right stuff done.

When we’re task-focused, we get stuff done, sure, but not necessarily the important stuff. We all get caught up in things that feel urgent — but maybe aren’t. 
And when that happens often enough, we end up with not enough time for the projects that matter most.

Task-based work may look good at first: at the end of the day, we can see we checked everything off our list (yay, dopamine). 

But when we look at the week, or the month, or longer? 

How much important work — best work — have we accomplished?

Ask yourself: did I schedule focus blocks to move those projects forward? Or did I do a ton, but my most important projects are still sitting where I left them a week or a month ago?

That’s why strategic Momentum Planning is so critical. It’s not just "task triage".

One of the best ways to make sure you’re not stuck in "task triage" mode is to do the 10/15 split every day. 

Momentum Planning in Action

It’s as simple as using 10 minutes at the start to set up your day, and 15 at the end of the day to review how you did — and to plan your next day using what you learned. 

You’ll also want to take extra time at the beginning and end of the week (and month, and quarter), to plan and review that next higher horizon, to focus your time, energy, and attention on the projects that matter most to you.

If you find for too many days in a row that you’ve focused on just tasks, and not the projects they support (or don’t), it’s time to take a pause. 

Go back to your calendar and set aside at least 30 minutes when you can plan for the projects you’re working on this week, and make sure your daily tasks support those projects.

The importance of project focus instead of just task focus is why we built Momentum. 

It’s not just a "task list" app — it’s a planner based on the same method that’s helped thousands of people get out of "task triage tyranny" and into moving their best-work projects forward.

Try out Momentum today, if you haven’t already, to see how it can help you start moving beyond the constant spin of your To-Do lists. 

Momentum Team

We're the team behind Momentum. And we're here to help get your most important projects from start to done.