v.0.10.0 Momentum Update: Drag & Drop is Here!

v1.0 Momentum Update -- Drag & Drop is Here!

I’ve been excited about every Momentum feature update, but I’m especially excited about this one since it implements one of my and our user’s most wanted features: Drag and Drop!

Now you can easily rearrange chunks of work to adjust to the flow of what’s happening throughout the week. This makes it even easier to use the weekly view on mobile devices as your on-the-go dashboard for the week.

Another significant improvement is that you can now color-code all of your project chunks so that you have a better visual snapshot of projects! We know that color-coding helps us process information so we’re excited to see this one.

The last key feature of this update is that all actionables are completable. This is especially handy when you want to check off that scheduled events happen -- previously, you couldn’t check them off.

This release is probably the best one since the v.0.7.0 when deferring a project carried all the sub-projects and tasks with it.

If you’re currently using Momentum, we know you’ll love these new updates. And, if you’re not, now’s a great time to see how Momentum will help you finish what matters most. Click here to start your 30-day trial today.

New Features:

  • Drag & Drop – Monthly and Weekly Planners
  • Weekly Planner - Scroll to current day when on current week
  • Make all Actionables completable
  • Automatically deprioritize when priority changes
  • Add color to actionable to change left border color
  • Add Timezone setting

Bug Fixes:

  • Updated Monthly Dashboard wording
  • Sort items in Weekly Objective and Daily Summary
  • Improved Time Input in Safari
  • Improved keyboard navigation on actionable form
  • Improved Support vs. Supporting & Emergent task coloring
  • Improved Notification Styles
  • Improved App load times

Charlie Gilkey

Charlie is the co-founder of Momentum and the award-winning author of Start Finishing