How to Sync Google Calendar with Momentum

Momentum now easily slides in with how you use Google Calendar 📅. 

This two-way sync means you'll never again need to copy tasks or events between Momentum and Google. So your life will be that much easier 🏝.

Create an event in Momentum, and whether it's a time block to do a specific task, a meeting with your boss, or fishing at the lake, that same event will automatically show up in your GCal. And vice versa.

Setting Up Calendar Sync

How can you set this up for your Momentum & GCal accounts? 🤓
It takes just a few easy steps: 

  1. First open your Settings in Momentum.
  1. Select “Profile”.
  1. Where you can see “Google Calendar”, click “Connect”.
  1. From here, a Google authentication window will ask you to input your Google account, and authorize Momentum and Google to communicate. 
  1. Enter your Google login username and password, and continue. 
  2. Make sure you check all the boxes on the permissions popup... so that Momentum can read and write to your Google calendar. 👍

Please note: To sync with Google Calendar, use the same Google email account you use for your Momentum login. (If you used a different email address to log in with Momentum, change your Momentum account information to match your Google account.) 

Momentum creates a unique Google Calendar view, called “Momentum”, not the Google Calendar view you normally use. When check your GCal, you'll find the "Momentum" Calendar in your Google Calendar list on the far left: 

To take advantage of calendar sync between Momentum and your calendar, you will need to add calendar events to this new “Momentum” Google calendar. (See below.)

You can start adding synced events in either Momentum or Google Calendar.

Using Calendar Sync

Once you set up two-way sync between Momentum and Google, you can use either tool to (1) create, (2) move, and (3) delete scheduled events. 

Any change you make in one will be reflected in the other. Here’s are how this looks: 

Further important notes

1. Repeat/ recurring appointments/ events are currently not supported in Momentum — and therefore aren’t available as part of calendar sync. We expect to add those in a future release. In the meantime, you’ll need to add repeat event instances individually.

2. Event title(s), date(s), and start and end times will sync between Momentum and GCal. Other information from Google Calendar (location, notes, etc.) will not move over since there are currently no data fields for those in Momentum.

Copy Events to the New "Momentum" Google Calendar

You'll need to transfer events from your main Google Calendar to the new "Momentum" calendar. Here's an easy way to do it: 

  1. At the top right of GCal, click the gear icon, and select "Settings".
  2. In the left-hand menu, under “Settings for my calendars”, select your main calendar (usually the one with your name).
  3. Then click “Export calendar.” This will create a zip file that includes all your GCal events and details. Download it to your computer.
  4. Open the zip file and move the Calendar to a location on your computer where you can find it easily.
  5. Again, within GCal Settings, on the left-hand menu, now select “Import & export”. 
  6. Under "Import", click “Select file from your computer” and locate the file you exported with the GCal. In the “Add to calendar” field, select “Momentum”.
  7. The Import button will activate. Click it to import the file.

This adds all events from your main calendar to the Momentum calendar at one time. But this setup only works for your events at that exact point in time. As you create new events, these must also be copied to the "Momentum" calendar: 

  1. In the new event box on GCal, access the menu (three dots).
  2. Select “Copy to Momentum”.

This will put the event in the "Momentum" calendar on GCal, and make it show up in the Momentum app.

iCal & Outlook Sync On the Way

Two-way calendar sync was one of the top requests from our early users and we’re thrilled to roll this out with GCal.

iCal and Outlook calendar integrations are also on the list of future Momentum enhancements, so get ready for further rollouts 🚀

Momentum Team

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