How to Do Your Monthly Planning

Each Planner (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly) has a different job to do. 

The Monthly Planner helps create context and priorities, which you’ll need for more fine-grained plans. 🗓️

A month’s time horizon offers the bigger picture 🖼️ — but not zooming so far out you lose sight of what needs to get done in your day to day, and week to week. Monthly planning gives you a vision to aim towards 🚀

All Things Monthly Planner 

If you are jumping right into the Monthly Planner you’ll see it gives you a birds-eye view of three time perspectives:

This Quarter’s Projects: The area on the upper left gives you space to zoom even further up to remind you of the quarter-sized goals you are working towards this month.

This Month’s Projects: The area allows you to prioritize and commit to the projects you will move forward this month.

Monthly Dashboard: An at-a-glance view of what you’ve planned to take action on during those four weeks of the month. 

Here’s what a fresh Monthly view looks like before any new projects are added 👇

Build from Your Weekly Planning View

If you have already filled out your Weekly Planner (the “Goldilocks” view), you already have some of your Monthly Projects filled in.  

In the Weekly Planner you’ll find a link to “Go To This Month’s Planner”:

Set Up Your Monthly Projects

Once in the Monthly Planner review or add in your month-sized projects under “This Month’s Projects.”

Adding a new Monthly Project is easy as pie. 🥧 And if you've gone through Daily planning, or Weekly planning, you've done it before: 

As with the Daily Planner and the Weekly Planner, write a name for your project using a simple “verb + subject” format like in the example below: Hire (verb) new Marketing Assistant (subject). 

(If you feel stuck for verbs to describe your project, we have a whole post on the subject.)

You can also link your month-sized projects to your quarterly goals if you have those filled in.

If you don’t have your Quarterly Projects filled in, that's cool. We’ll get to that part next. You can always come back and edit your projects, and link them, later on.

Use the color options (or not, your choice!) and hit save. Continue adding your monthly projects until you have them all filled in. 

(Remember the Five Project Rule: the app is designed to encourage no more than five at any time horizon i.e. month, week, or day.) 

Shift Up to Get Clarity of Purpose

On the Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly planning views in Momentum, you’ll be able to see projects from one time horizon up. (In the Monthly Planner, you can see Quarterly Projects, and so on.)

That extra time perspective reminds you of the bigger goals you’re working towards.

If you want to link Quarterly Projects to your Monthly Projects, you’ll first need to add a Quarterly Project. It's straightforward, the same as adding projects in other sections: 

Once you have Quarterly Projects, those can be linked to Monthly Projects.

To link them, hit "Go To This Month’s Projects”, and under "This Month's Projects" click the small three dot “...” button for the project in question: 

Just type that Quarterly Project into the secondary line in the editing view for your Monthly Project, like this: 

☝ The Monthly Project “Hire New Marketing Assistant” now links up with the larger Quarterly Project/ Goal of “Onboard New Marketing Assistant”. ✔️

The Monthly Planner’s Dashboard View

Another feature of the Monthly Planner is the Dashboard View. The Dashboard is where you keep track of what you’ll work on each week of the month.

Here's the Monthly Dashboard with projects set for each week: 

And that’s it! As you continue to fill in your weeks, the dashboard will fill up showing you what you’ll be doing each week to take action on your Monthly projects.

That’s how you build momentum!⚡

Momentum Team

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