How to Add a Scheduled Event

You can find the ‘Scheduled Events’ section if you scroll down on the left, when you first enter the app: 

We include scheduled events on the Weekly Planner since they’re an indispensable part of planning your time blocks. 

You want to make progress on your best work projects, but still not let your time-bound responsibilities slide. 

You might start to recognize a pattern of planning meetings or meetups at your peak productivity times — and change those times to leave additional peak time for your most important projects. 

A scheduled event is usually time-bound (meetings, calls, kid pickup, etc.) You’ll need to work with the predetermined timespan in which they’ll occur.

If you need to add an upcoming event, all you do is click, the ‘+ Add Scheduled Event’ button at the bottom of the section. Then, add a quick description. 

There’s a possibility to make a scheduled event recurring, and to set a date and time — or a call-out to the project the event is connected to. 

Now ready, set, get planning! 

Momentum Team

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