Features Release: Update v1.6.0 Recurring Events

Drumroll, please!!! 

*drumroll* 🥁

We are excited to announce that Momentum now has the ability to add recurring events from your Gcal to your Momentum! 

Here is how you do it:

  • First make sure your account is connected to GCal. 📆
  • Next, open your GCal and create a recurring event in the Momentum calendar. (*Be certain you are adding the event not to your general GCalendar, but in the specific “Momentum” calendar created by the GCal<>Momentum sync.) 
  • Recurring event instances should start appearing in Momentum.

It’s that simple folks! 💫

An icon

quickly indicates whether an event is recurring — as you can see here:

  • We also added a message to explain further why recurring events are not yet editable from within Momentum. So make sure when editing or adding a recurring event, you do so in your Gcal and then copy to Momentum.💻

This release is probably the best one since our Drag & Drop. It comes to you after a period of great anticipation, and opens up a lot of exciting opportunities for other features to be born!

Drop Down Menu Improvement

We also improved some stylization and functionality with our dropdown menus, specifically with the Values, Themes, or Challenges drop down as seen below:

We are working hard to address issues, fix bugs, and make updates to the app that help YOU gain momentum!

Please continue to share your feedback and report bugs to support@hellomomentum.app. We love hearing from you.

Momentum Team

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